[AAVSO-DIS] 20,000,000 and counting!

arne arne at aavso.org
Sat Feb 19 13:21:37 EST 2011

As noticed by a few people last evening, the observation counter
on the home page clicked over the 20 million mark.  The contest
is over; we have a winner for the best guess as to when this
would happen; we have a winner who submitted the 20,000,000th

The progress over the past few days was slow; we attributed it
to the full moon and winter clouds.  By Friday afternoon, we were
still 15,000 observations short, as mentioned by Kevin Paxon.
I think everyone got home for work and started submitting
observations, as it didn't take long to push over the mark.

Josch Hambsch (Belgium) submitted the 20,000,000th observation;
a measure of GV And that he did in October.  Congratulations, Josch!

Also, congratulations to Chris Watson, who came the closest to
predicting the crossover time.  Most of the other contest entrants
were just way too conservative - we're growing a lot faster than
most people realize!

Of course, having Josch get the 20,000,000th observation means
that 19,999,999 observations preceded him.  Without the thousands
of observers who have dedicated themselves to observing variable
stars, we would have never reached this milestone.  It reminds me
of the USPS creed: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of
night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their
appointed rounds."  I think that rings true for our observers
as well - at least they use those rainy nights to submit the
estimates from the prior clear ones!

We'll be issuing a press release and a web page regarding this
event, probably on Tuesday.

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