[AAVSO-DIS] New Web Site

Arne Henden arne at aavso.org
Sun Jul 25 20:40:59 EDT 2010

Have you "stopped in" and tried out the new web site yet?
High on my list since joining the AAVSO over a decade ago
was revamping the website.  As a researcher, I had a lot of
trouble navigating the site.  While the website had an enormous
amount of information, new observers were overwhelmed and
often dropped out.  We've been planning a new web site to
address these issues and many more for a long time.  The
future is here!

The AAVSO web site migration went smoothly, but not without a few
bumps. We thank everyone for their patience and especially those who
submitted feedback and bug reports. We will continue to keep the bug
list updated over the next week. Most of the bugs we are able to take
care of, but there will be a few that will have to wait until we have
a permanent web developer in-house.

Don't forget the entire AAVSO staff will be dropping in and out of our
chat room during business hours tomorrow. Between 3-4pm EDT we will
all put extra effort into being in the chat room at the same time.
Stop by to report bugs, give suggestions, ask questions and/or for
general chit chat. The chat room is available at
http://www.aavso.org/chat .

While the general flavor of the site, and the selection of the Drupal
content management system, is the brainchild of Kate Davis, the
content, final software development, scripts, and the actual roll-out
of the site was a team effort over many months.

I'd like to especially thank Aaron, Rebecca, Doc and Mike Simonsen
for their work during this migration weekend. This team
covered the web site almost 24 hours a day during the entire weekend
- sacrificing some nice Boston weekend weather in the process. Their
coordination and teamwork was fun to watch. Also, we thank Chris
Watson for volunteering some of his own time to help with a few items
as well during the period.

There are still a few remaining issues, but I'm already pleased
with the results.  Give us suggestions and tell us about problems;
the product is only as good as the testers!

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