[AAVSO-DIS] Heliocentric correction (JD->HJD)

Wolfgang Renz Sat Jul 18 12:57:57 EDT 2009


If someone cann't or doesn't want to use the well known software and
Excel sheets for calculating the heliocentric correction, one can do it
also manually e.g. via the formulae or tables in:
1972PASP...84..784L - The Calculation of Heliocentric Corrections -
Landolt, Arlo U.; Blondeau, Karen L.

Or via the online JavaScript calculator at:
Dan Burton - HJD Correction
http://www.physics.sfasu.edu/astro/javascript/hjd.html (JavaScript)
http://www.physics.sfasu.edu/astro/binstar/HeliocentricJulianDay.zip (XLS)
E.g. for converting single ToMs or for sanity checks of own implement-
ed software.

Clear skies

Wolfgang Renz, Karlsruhe, Germany

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